TAC-BACKER® Polyfoam Target Backer

Tac-Backer Polyfoam Target Backers Save Time and Money

At the heart of every Metalmasters® product is the Tac-Backer®, a shoot-through target backer that saves valuable time and money in handgun and rifle* training applications. The 3.5” thick semi-self sealing material withstands thousands of rounds and remains functional for less downtime on the range and lower operating costs.
Toss your staple gun and cardboard
– use the Tac-Backer

  • Lightweight 6 lbs. for 24” x 48” x 3.5”
  • Waterproof and Windproof
  • No Wood, Staples or Cardboard Litter
  • Custom Size Cuts available
  • Predrilled for Bottom, Top or Side Mount
  • Choice of Black or White
  • Human Silhouette or Rectangular Shapes
  • Specify Bracket Application
  • *Shotgun rounds will significantly shorten Tac-Backer® life
"Metalmasters..backers cut my operating expenses by nearly 65%...A huge savings for the American Taxpayers.”
Steven P. Mallonee
Naval Security Department
Kings Bay, GA

• Standard (24” x 48” x 3.5”): $53.55
• Silhouette (24” x 48” x 3.5”): $60.38

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